Ray of Light Homes, llc was founded on June 1, 2001. Ray of Light Homes, llc. is a community service provider and placement agency that serves individuals with developmental disabilities. Ray of Light Homes, llc. contracts with Smoky Mountain Center LME/MCO for state and Medicaid funded services. Ray of Light Homes, llc specializes in supporting individuals living in alternative family living (AFL) homes.

     Ray of Light Homes, llc. believes that all individuals should achieve their full potential and that all attempts should be made to maximize each individual's independence, productivity, talents and quality of life according to his/her preference as well as support each person's choice of living environment, learning techniques, play, work and retirement. ROLH believes that each person should be empowered to make true choice in daily life by being informed of the consequences of the choices made and to afford the dignity of risk.